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13th January 2012

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Massachusetts High School Looking for an Asexual Speaker



The GSA at Newton North High School in Massachusetts is looking for a speaker who would be available on February 15, 2012 to speak about asexuality:

“We have a day every year dedicated to discussion, education, awareness, acceptance, and activism on sexuality and sexuality-related issues(such as discrimination). During the day there are different panels that teachers will opt to take their classes to. We recognize that asexuality is a sexuality that less students are aware of, many students at our school have not even heard of it and do not understand what it is. During our Sexuality 101 panel, we were hoping that we could have a speaker on Asexuality, describing his or her experiences with asexuality and/or talking about what it means to be asexual, and what asexuality is.”

if you are interested in helping out, or know someone who is,  please let us know ASAP by emailing or leaving us a message here!


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    I’m an asexual in Cambridge - I can make it, if you’re still needing someone. My email is Let me...
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